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Moderno Furnitures

I was hired by Moderno Furnitures to increase their organic reach on Google and other search engines.

Moderno had been enjoying steady growth due to their store’s prime physical location, but had yet to make a mark in the digital space, as previously they had written their own web copy.

I worked closely with the team at Moderno to deduce what made their brand unique, and what set them apart from the competition, and from these insights implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy.

Within  four months, Moderno has seen a 40% increase in website traffic and a 20% increase in store walk-ins.

content strategy

Carlisle Tacone

Due to the pandemic, Carlisle Tacone faced immense pressure to quickly pivot to domestic travel, and I was hired to devise a new content strategy aimed at enticing readers into booking their local holidays with Carlisle.

Given the impact of COVID-19 on the travel industry, the stakes were very high for a smaller boutique agency like Carlisle Tacone. 

The campaign we implemented consisted of blog posts, and YouTube videos about exotic domestic travel destinations that quickly high conversions.

While many small travel agencies were forced to close shop due in 2020, Carlise Tacone remained profitable, and even saw a 20% increase in mailing list subscriptions.


content strategy


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Xylo Cadence

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